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Styrene butadiene latex for cement

It is a copolymer made of butadiene, styrene and other auxiliaries, is one kind of milky white aqueous dispersoid with blue luster.

Mainly used in cement products, highway paving, civil construction, waterproof project, anticorrosive project and the wall cementing of oil well and natural gas well, also can be used in the sealed layers of well.

Technical index:



Solid (%)

  44 ± 2

Residue of styrene (%)

≤ 0.020

Viscosity (mPa·S) 

< 100


6 to 10

Kept in cool, dry and ventilating place, no freeze, rain and insolation, Storage temperature is 5 to 40 ℃. Prevent freeze, rain and insolation in delivery.

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